Microsoft unveiled three new accessories under the name of Portable Dual. The portable battery packs have feature to be able to charge two mobile devices at the same time. Portable Dual comes with three sizes of battery life, a 5200mAh which will be priced at $35, a 9000mAh which will be priced at $45 and a 12000mAh which will be priced at $55.

To use it, is very simple, you just need to connect it via a USB cable from an outlet or USB port to charge it. When you want to charge your mobile device(s), it is advisable that you unplug the power bank from the power source and use a microUSB cable which is included in the box, and connect to your mobile device(s) and it will start charging the mobile device(s) automatically.

Each of the portable battery pack will come with a power button and four LEDs as an indication of the charging capacity. When all the four LEDs are lighted up, it means that the battery is still full while when none of the four LEDs or only one of them lighted up, it means that it runs out of battery and you will need to charge the charger.

The new portable battery packs from Microsoft will be shipped within a few weeks and it is only be available in selected market across the world.

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