There is a lot of news and leaks about the Windows 10 till now and we have the Windows 10 Technical Preview just few days ago. But, we haven’t got any solid news on Windows 10 for Smartphones. However, we are expecting this news because Microsoft will surely use this new upcoming operating system for Smartphones too.

Soon, we can expect to get Windows 10 for Smartphones officially because this is being tested. A team of experts are testing Windows 10 on Smartphones at Microsoft, according to Nawzil. Two types of testing are now running at Microsoft, one is with Windows 8.1 and another is with Windows 10 that is surprising too.

Microsoft is testing Windows 10 for Smartphones 1

The first update of Windows Phone 8.1 Update was revealed to Cortana and other regions and the Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2 will also start to Cortana soon. This will bring support for new processors allowing for sort settings too.

However, we do not know what will be the features that Windows 10 on phones will bring for us? However, there are some of the expectations like full Office touch, and multitasking like tablets that really required. Be with us and hope we will get more leak news from the internal testing process and its results.