Because of having many options of Windows in tablet and convertible Ultrabook, you will surely become confuse to choose the right one for work or school.

There are many development tablet and Ultrabook companies that provides devices running by Windows. Similarly, Microsoft has also developed the Windows and recently, uploaded more than 20 videos for showing off the features. Microsoft Tablets and Ultrabooks promotional videos are created in order to highlight different device’s features and how it works.

Microsoft Tablets and Ultrabooks Promotional Videos Uploaded sample 2

When you will watch out the videos that Microsoft has recently uploaded, you will surely surprise because of having Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet but no video on Microsoft Surface tablets.

Also, you will have some videos on the upcoming tablets and Ultrabooks of Microsoft. However, you may feel bore because of same music in each of the videos up to 30 seconds. However, we can’t able to give you exact estimate when the tunes will stop because we were busy to writing them for you.

You will surely like the videos that highlight different Microsoft tablets and Ultrabooks for school and work. If you still do not like any of the devices, you will have more options available with windows. Surely you will have multi-core chipsets, super sharp resolution display with good features on those windows tablet that can be used anywhere you want.