Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is reported to launch in October this year. As the previous Surface Pro 3 sold about 300,000 units per months when it was initially launched, Microsoft is estimating that Surface Pro 4 could reach up to 500,000 to 600,000 units sold per month. The device is reported to maintain the thin tablet appearance and the large display screen with resolution of 2160 x 1440 with 216ppi which is the same resolution as found in the Surface Pro 3.

As for the hardware part, Surface Pro 4 could be running on either Intel’s Core M ‘Broadwell’ CPU or Intel’s Skylake processor, two of Intel’s latest processors. However, there is no confirmation on which of the processors which will be integrated to the tablet. Either way, Microsoft is aiming to maintain the performance, if not make it faster, while improving on the energy efficiency. The device will have screen size between 13 to 14 inch display sizes. The better news is that Surface Pro 4 will be priced lower than Surface Pro 3.  As for the software side, the device is expected to come pre-installed with Windows 10 OS.

Based on this specification itself, it seems like Surface Pro 4 will have minor improvements than Surface Pro 3.  More information of the device specification will be released nearer to the launch date. Stay tuned!