Microsoft’s new app
It seems that Google is aiming ot come up with something new with emails; however, there is another company doing the same thing. Recently Microsoft has announced its new app called Send. This app makes emails look like instant messaging services such Facebook Messenger, Line or Whatsapp.

How it works
People must be wondering how it works. First of all, the user has to connect the Send App with his Office 365 email account. This will syncronize the contacts, and they will appear on the app’s homescreen. By tapping on a contact, the user can initiate a conversation. In addition to this, by swapping on the contact, he can also send a quick predefined quick reply.

One must remember that regular emails are not going to appear in Send. Rather the app is designed to focus more on the IM-style conversation that is initiated within it. Therefore, it can be said that Send is more like an IM-extension of Office 365 emails. With some differences, it is quite close to Google’s Hangouts app which is integrated with Gmail on the computer.

A big difference in the Send App is dropping the subject line for streamlining the email communication. All one has to do is to select the recipient and type of body of the message; thats all. It is important to remember that Microsoft does not wants user to use Send for formal messages that are long, traditional and populate the inbox. The aim for developing this app is to send and recieve simple and short informal messages.

At the moment, Microsoft Send is working only with school email accounts and Office 365 business. However, the company plans to broaden the app’s availability in the coming days.

Microsoft Garage
Microsoft employees explore different forward-looking ideas and projects through an internal initiative called Microsoft Garage; therefore, Send can be said Microsoft Garage’s child. The app developed on the foundations of Microsoft Garage is actually aimed to explore market receptibility of different ideas. This will help Microsft decide whether it should go for full-blown products or not. For the time being, Send is only available for the iPhone. However, Microsoft has indicated that it will develope the app for Windows Phone and Android in the near future.