Don’t be shocked when you hear Microsoft is going to make the next android lock screen app! The Microsoft Company is going to introduce a new handy lock screen replacement app for the upcoming Android smart phones OS Lollipop.

The New Home Screen App for Android is going to give the users more features like before including scroll to get calendar and appointment, launch a peseta app quickly as well as dial back to your last number. Therefore, you will get functions with a good navigation bar in the upcoming Microsoft’s home screen lock app. Moreover, the background of the lock screen can be customized along with a good graphical design.

There will be a new self-respecting app that will show you the unread text messages and missed calls directly in a row. At the same time, swiping it away will be easier and safer of the upcoming lock home screen of android mobile phone. If you are interested to watch more about the new home screen app for android by Microsoft, you are most welcome to watch the video too.