Sayta Nadelle; Microsoft CEO, has just revealed that plans are underway to lay of workers from the Nokia X project. This information has been relayed through mail to the employees stating that 18,000 workers will have to go within the next year.


Their newest release, the Nokia X2 has been hit by controversy on whether it will still move to the market or it will end up being cancelled. Buyers are now running out of appeal on the product, as the company will not have dedicated workers on the devices and will hugely hinder on its support should anything arise.

The Nokia X project is officially declared over by the chief of Microsoft devices, Stephen Flop. He however mentioned that sale of the Nokia X products will still be ongoing and that support will also be offered. Focus is now being redirected to Windows Phone devices. This will make sure that the Nokia X designs are not completely kicked out but are however incorporated into other devices.

Employees who are to be laid off will receive their notifications within the next six months as they receive their compensation packages. No specific departments are being targeted on this activity. Microsoft’s CEO is aiming at reducing the workforce due to the need of simplified work aligned to their strategic goals. This will foresee Microsoft’s efforts being concentrated in Salo, Finland for their high-end Lumia products while Tampere, Finland will concentrate on the more affordable products.