Microsoft has recently filed a patent titled ‘Changing between display device viewing modes’. This image display system will have the ability to change the zoom level of the displayed content of smartphone’s screen according to the distance between the user and the phone.

The company is working on a technology where it won’t be necessary to use fingers to make such gestures anymore. All you have to is simply move your smartphone back and forth.The technology will turn out to be quite handy for viewing maps, photos and documents with many details. It is possible either via motion sensor or a depth sensing camera embedded in a device.Using this display technology will lead the interaction with mobile devices upto a whole new level.

The abstract presented by Microsoft is as follows:

“Embodiments that relate facilitating the viewing of images on a mobile device are disclosed. For example, one disclosed embodiment provides a mobile device including a display screen and an image display system configured to selectively switch between a first viewing mode in which an image comprising a first amount of visual information is displayed at a first apparent distance from the display screen and a second viewing mode in which an image comprising a second, different amount of visual information is displayed at a second apparent distance from the display screen. The mobile device further includes a controller in communication with the image display system, wherein the controller is configured to switch between the first viewing mode and the second viewing mode.”

There are rumours of using this contactless zoom in/out technology with Microsoft flagship Mclaren. It is a 3D Touch technology, which would allow users to control devices in a Kinect-like fashion – with gestures and without touching its touchscreen display at all. As time unfolds, we will be updated with the utility of this patent.

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