Looks like Microsoft is unleashing one app after another on iOS and Android phones and tablets in a bid to push its apps beyond the Windows Phone. After making its popular Office freely available for the two platforms, the Redmond-based giant has released its Outlook app for  iOS and Android devices.

The app is available for iOS on iTunes and as a preview for Android on Google Play. You can download and use this email service for free. Microsoft had acquired the popular email app Acompli in December last year and has quickly turned it into an Outlook app for iOS and Android.

We have been and we’ll continue to update the app weekly,” Julia White, Microsoft’s general manager of Office told The Verge. “So in a very short period time you’ll start to see variance from the Acompli app that will not be updated after that point.”

As some may have expected, Microsoft has not removed the integration of Acompli with Google Drive and Dropbox, but has retained them. Another important feature of Acompli is that you can swipe to quickly archive or delete emails and you can even schedule the messages to a convenient time when you can come back and read them or send a reply. The inbox removes clutter and surfaces emails that are important.

The Outlook app gives you quick access to contacts, mail, calendar and files. Outlook for iOS and Android will support Outlook.com, Office 365, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Exchange and other major email services.

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Via The Verge