Everybody was sure that Microsoft would move beyond Windows 8 and soon launch something much improved in the market; however people were expecting that the next big version of Windows would be launched in 2015. Most anticipated time was April of the next year, but suddenly Microsoft has announced an event for September 30th, and now it is expected that it will be the time of unveiling Windows 9.

Microsoft May Show Off ‘Windows 9’ At September 30th Event

Recently, Microsoft has sent invitations for the event that will be held on 30th of this month in San Francisco. The invitation says “Join us to hear what’s next for Windows and the enterprise.” The invitation itself reveals nothing proper for the launch of Windows 9 (if that is the name of the new operating system) but surely people expect at this event Microsoft will show off a “Technical Preview” of the company’s next version of the Windows.

Lot of information is not in hands about the Windows 9 but a little is known. It has been predicted that new version of Windows may connect the operating system from phone to desktops. It is also expected to have changed UI focus for diverse devices. For desktops, less Metro UI is expected and more traditional desktop may appear with the newly designed start menu. On the other hand, tablets may have more of the Metro UI than the traditional desktop. According to the rumors, the word “Phone” will no longer be the part of the name of “Windows Phone”; it will be shortened to just “Windows”.