Microsoft has been steadily losing ground due to its “app gap” and software developers have been moving towards the more accommodating Google Android and the Apple iOS. Windows store comes a poor third after the big two. App gap is the main reason why Windows Phone is not able to grow its market share.

Although Microsoft has claimed that it is a non-issue, it is now working hard to address the issue and get software developers interested in the Windows platform. The company plans to overcome the app gap this year with its universal Windows 10 platform by making it easy for developers to run their Android and iOS apps on Windows and fill up its mobile app store.

Microsoft announced at its BUILD 2015 developer conference, that their new technology will allow developers to re-work their Android or iOS apps with just a few simple lines of code and make them work with Windows 10. Developers will be able to take their Android apps written in Java/C++ code or iOS apps written in Objective C and port them over easily to Windows universal apps that will work on Windows 10 phones, by using Microsoft SDK. They will not have to rebuild their whole apps for the Windows platform.

Microsoft’s Operating Systems Group President Terry Myerson told The Verge, “We want to enable developers to leverage their current code and current skills to start building those Windows applications in the Store, and to be able to extend those applications,

Developers will also be able to easily integrate their Windows projects with Windows extensions and services like the navigation buttons, virtual keyboard or the location API. The modified Android apps would run in a safe Windows security container that will offer better security.

Microsoft has been testing its new tools with some major developers, for instance King, the developer of the famous ‘Candy Crush Saga’. They have successfully ported the game on Windows phone by converting it’s iOS code using Microsoft’s new technology and with very little modifications. On the stage, the company also showed the Android app for Choice Hotels working well on a Windows Phone with only some minor tweaks.

Well, this is only a beginning and we may soon see Microsoft’s app store filling up and bridging its app gap with two major competitors, Android and iOS.

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