A new Lumia branded entry level handset seems to be on the cards. Quoted as the Microsoft Lumia 435, the device has recently appeared at the FCC and also being certified in Indonesia. The device has a few variants that include RM-1070, RM1071, RM1034 and RM1068 and RM-1032, the latter two being supposed as the dual SIM variants.

This smartphone is supposed to have a 4inch screen having a resolution of 480×480 with a pixel density of 235ppi. At its heart, it would be running the Snapdragon 200 CPU and its back would be hosting a 5MP primary camera. This visit at the FCC shows that the handset would be powered with a BV-5J battery exclusive for the model. Last month, the Indian import-export site reported a shipment of ten BV-5J cells along with ten dual SIM smartphones each valued at $57. This means that there is quite a bit of possibility that the handset might have been tested in India itself.

Microsoft Lumia 435 leaks 1 Microsoft Lumia 435 leaks 2 Microsoft Lumia 435 leaks 4

We are totally unaware of the launch date for this handset, but this could be the new affordable Windows Phone from Microsoft in making.

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