According to the recent reports coming from The Verge, computer giant Microsoft is planning to unveil Windows 9 next month on the 30th of September. The Redmond giant is expected to plan a event, where a developer preview of the OS is expected to be revealed.

Previously, the Windows 9 has been rumored to be getting previewed either in late September of early October. The Windows 9 Preview will be codenamed “Threshold” will give a new platform for developers to get prone to some key features like the missing Charms bar and the Start Menu. However, with strong speculation that the upcoming OS from Microsoft would be named as Windows 9, the press event will still not reveal the final OS but will majorly focus on flaunting the new talents for its creation.

Apart from just Windows 9, Microsoft is also looking forward to work on a combined version of Windows Phone and Windows RT. Well, the event is expected to give us more details regarding this next month.