The news on Microsoft WiFi Service was leaked at which the website has been pulled down at the moment. Microsoft WiFi service promises to bring hassle-free Wi-Fi to the users.  The users will need to login to the service once and they will be able to use the service anywhere.

Unfortunately, the WiFi service is not free. It is more to a pay-as-you-go service which will connects you to free public Wi-Fi hotspots. However, the details on how you can make the payment for the service and what are the charges like are not released to public yet.

Microsoft WiFi app is able to run cross-platform. Therefore, regardless whether you are running on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS or Windows Phone, you are still able to use the service by logging into the service from the app.  The app also comes with an interactive map which will inform the user the location of the WiFi hotspots around the area which supports Microsoft WiFi service.

According to the website, before it was taken down, not all users will be able to use the service. At the initial launch, only active Skype WiFi subscribers through Microsoft Work & Play Bundle or Surface 2 + Skype WiFi Bundle, employees of organizations with Microsoft Office 365 for Enterprise and customers who received special WiFi offer from Microsoft will be able to use the service.

We will update again once there is new information from Microsoft.