Microsoft is integrating Skype Messenger into its Windows 10, which will allow users to chat or make audio/video calls to Skype contacts. The Verge says it looks similar to Apple’s iMessage and with this, the software giant revives the built-in messaging app in Windows 8 that died a sudden death in Windows 8.1 update.

At its Windows 10 press event in Redmond, Microsoft had revealed some details of its Skype integration but did not demo the new Skype messenger app on Windows 10 PC version. The new messaging app looks much like a lighter version of Skype and all conversations between phones, tablets and PCs are synced. This app also has the same circular window for contact photos and 2-panel interface like the messaging app in OS X.

Microsoft has already begun to link Skype usernames and mobile numbers so that you can easily find your friends who are using Skype even if you don’t know their user ID. Skype users will be able to chat easily with friends using this service, much like the iMessage. However, the advantage here is that since Skype is cross-platform, you can also chat with friends who are using Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry and other devices while iMessage works only on Apple platform.



Windows 10 devices including phones, tablets and PCs will have Skype built into its communications suite. The phone version will allow users to send text messages too. It is also likely that Microsoft will offer this facility and sync state to the PC version as is available in iMessage because Windows 10 apps are going to be the same for PCs, tablets and phones.

Microsoft hasn’t revealed much about its plans for the Skype Messaging app, but as the company is going in for a simple integration of the Messaging app, using Skype is also going to be simple – just with your mobile number rather than complicated usernames.


Source Skype Blog