In order to bring home automation app and devices, Microsoft has signed a partnership with Insteon Company. This ecosystem will start on 1st June that comes with exclusive features for Windows Phone 8 devices as well as Laptop, tablet that is operating by Windows 8.1.

Microsoft is going to bring this home automation app to the Microsoft Windows Store that already has many apps for the users. Some individual products named Insteon LED Bulb and Insteon Shorter Kit are containing smart=home packages for the users.

Microsoft Home Automation App and devices will be available at $30 to $80 and the starting kit will be available at $199 only. By using the multiple devices, you will have COMPLETE LIVE VIEW AND STATUS of your home. The camera support and features are enough to bring good view without installing Insteon Hub.

Microsoft Home Automation App & Devices in Windows Store Soon sample 3

Microsoft Home Automation App will give you full screen video feeding, visitor mode, device control and Live Title Integration system. All the devices of the home automation are connected via Wi-Fi connection. However, Nest Products or the Philips Hue system is connected with cables that mass up your home decoration.

Microsoft Home Automation App & Devices in Windows Store Soon sample 2

However, Insteon Company is expecting to give more features in future as well as working with Android and iOS devices if the native company preferred. But, the biggest challenge will be developing the current version and linked with Windows Phones within announced date.