Microsoft has released an accessory which is suitable for all the tablets in the market. The accessory is known as Universal Foldable Keyboard. As the name implies, this keyboard from Microsoft is foldable so that it will not be so bulky when carried around as well as it will not take a lot of storage space and it is universal as it is designed to work with iPad, iPhone, Android gear and Windows tablet.

On top of that, two devices can be connected to the keyboard at the same time and it can be easily switched back and forth in a single tap. Even though it has full size keys, it is very light and compact.  When the keyboard was folded, it automatically switched off the Bluetooth and thus this will disconnect all the devices which it was paired to beforehand. When you want to connect them again, you just need to unfold the keyboard and this is done automatically. The keyboard is using Bluetooth 4.0 standard.

For the physical appearance, the keyboard is measured at 5mm thickness and it has battery size that can last for three months in a single charge. Other feature of the keyboard includes spillproof as well as water resistance therefore it is suitable while on the road. The keyboard is priced at $99.95 and will be available at your favorite electronic shop as soon as possible.

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