Smartwatches are now buzzing the headlines daily, especially with Google I/O ending last week and the big talk of Android Wear – an operating system designed completely for wearables or a smartwatch.Recently sources revealed the entry of Microsoft smartwatch into the wearables mart. Details of an upcoming Microsoft smartwatch were uncovered in May itself when Microsoft has filed the patent

Tom’s Hardware claims that Microsoft smartwatch will actually be a fitness wristband with multiple sensors designed to track steps, calories burned, and heart rate. It is supposed to have 11 sensors in the devices and a mixed bag of chips, including some from Texas Instrument (TI) and Atmel.

The report further claims that the the device will be cross platform — compatible with Windows, Android and iOS. It will broaden the Microsoft appeal with a smartwatch working with different smartphones.The company will include an open API upon the device’s release.


The Microsoft smartwatch won’t be bulky like the recently announced LG G Watch or the Samsung Gear Live that run Android Wear. Instead, it will be slim, like a thinner, flatter version of the Nike Fuelband.The display will be on the inside of the wrist unlike most current smartwatches to make it feel more natural.

The smartwatch is rumored of being launched in October. Unfortunately, if the timing is accurate, that would mean that Microsoft smartwatch would debut around the same time as the iWatch, which is rumored to launch in October as well.