A report by Forbes and confirmed by The Verge suggests that Microsoft will launch its new product in the coming weeks. The device will be named as Microsoft Band and it is going to be available in the retail shop in time for holiday season. The product will be more to a health tracking device rather than a smartwatch.

Microsoft Band will be powered by Microsoft Health which will help you to achieve your health goals. It has a guided workout which can maximize your fitness with a choice of expert-designed workouts that are suitable for your needs. It keeps on constantly learning your fitness level and it will plan your future needs. On top of that, it will keep track on your sleeping habits, monitor your heart rate 24 hours and map the routes that you have run, biked, hiked and save it as your favourites.

Apart from all the features above, the Band will help you to improve your productivity by providing email previews so that you can monitor and preview email activity at a glance and while on the move, Calendar alerts so that you will know where and when you need to be, timer and alarm to wake you up silently as well as Cortana, your very own personal digital assistant.

The Band is designed to work on Windows Phone, iOS and Android. Microsoft is in the process of developing new apps for each mobile operating system to help support its feature and send notifications to the smartphone.