Microsoft Band Sync is spotted in the Apple Mac App Store. It looks like to be the companion of the rumoured Microsoft’s wearable. The company will named its latest wearable product as simple as Band. Based on the name, Microsoft Band is not exactly a smartwatch, it is rather a fitness band. It is similar to Samsung’s Gear Fit though the design is a bit more conservative and with regular and not curved design.

The app allows you to sync your Band to the cloud using the same Microsoft account running on your phone companion app. On top of that, the app has feature whereby you can do profile settings and the ability to update your firmware. However, there is no further detail about the wearable. Another rumour suggests that the wearable will work on any major platform. It seems like it is true as the company has posted three apps via Apple’s App Store, Google’s Play Store and Windows Phone Store. The iOS App store, it is called Microsoft Band Sync whereas in Android and Windows Phone, it is called Microsoft Health.

Another cool feature from the Microsoft Band includes 24-hour heart rate monitoring and automatic activity counting which is integrated with Cortana on Windows Phone. At the moment, there is no further detail on when the company will launch the product or at what pricing but we expected that it will be soon enough.