Well, who doesn’t know Cortana! At least one who is closely associated with the smartphone world must surely know it. Cortana is a personal digital assistant on the Windows Phone platform just like “Ok Google” feature of Google Now for the Android users. Well, day before yesterday at a press conference, Microsoft has announced that this cloud-based assistant will not be available with Windows 10 for PC. This means that the intelligent Cortana will now make a home on your Desktop getting to your assistance soon while working on your PC. Cortana is said to have undergone major improvement offering more enriched PC experience. Cortana occupies it place in the new search bar that exists in the new modeled task bar. In addition to acting as a instant voice search, it even offers a quick and faster access to web, settings, files and many other core functions of Windows 10.

Microsoft has now given Cortana a more personalized touch wherein a soft female voice cracks few jokes, does impersonations and understands 7 new languages. Well, with voice commands, you can ask Cortane to be quiet, play music and perform other functions in addition. Turning even smarter, Cortana is now clever enough to know the user it is aiding to. This was demoed at the press conference by Microsoft asking for some personal suggestions and advices for which Cortana responded happily. Moreover, just like Google Now, Cortana also provides the right notifications and suggestions when the user needs them.

Cortana has also been integrated with the newly introduced Spartan web browser for more content enriched experience suggesting info boxes, links and many other things.

Start Menu

Start Menu Live Tiles

One of the major complains about the Windows 8 users were regarding the absence of the Start Menu button at the task bar. Microsoft has ensured that it is now brought back to the Windows 10 OS but now features the Live Tiles display intead of the classic look. The full-screen mode is still there and is also default for the tablet mode. This means that Windows 10 will works on all devices right from PCs to tablets and smartphones.

Other major change includes the removal of search from Start Menu and making it more visible by bringing it to dock. Additionally, the new Continuum feature facilitates easy switching between modes for different devices. In case of laptop mode, the mouse and keyboard would work with compact Start Menu while for tablets and smartphones you would be switched to a Windows 8 Style Start screen.

One of the other major announcements done at the event was the new VR headset Microsoft HoloLens.