Well, quite long back, Microsoft was said to be working on a large touch-sensitive table like platform then known as Microsoft Surface. The project somehow did not kick now we are having a giant 84” Surface Hub computer from the company that comes with the support for recently announced Windows 10. The Microsoft Surface Sub is a massive 84” display with 4K touch-sensitivity and works very effectively and smartly even detecting when someone walks into the room. This giant computer is major designed aiming to business conferences and meetings. This would completely eliminate the need of projectors used today for presentation purposes and help display data easily on a 84” screen display.

With the Skype for business, people who physically cannot attend can still be very much a part of the conference moreover the sync functionality with OneDrive will help you easily share information on-the-go providing easy accessibility to the presentation. One of the special versions for OneNote helps users easily sketch things at the spot wherein users would get a very real, fast and completely lag-free experience similar to writing with marker on a whiteboard. This could be done with multiple fingers and pens by writing on the screen.

For this all features, the Microsoft Surface Hubs comes with dual cameras and a array of mic for Skype calling and many other additional “advanced sensors”. The pricing for the Surface Hub has been yet not disclosed by the company.

Via: GSMArena