The photography industry has been improving day by day that connects with Smartphones with excellent photo capturing feature. When you are old, you might be using any normal level of camera for capturing photos. But, now a day, the camera brands have brought many features to the cameras like connectivity that can connect it with any Smartphone.

Now the iPad and iPhone users can easily connect the camera with GPS Data in order to get good connection. Cult of Mac’s Charlie Sorrel has explained the whole process of connecting GPS data in camera using the GeoTagr app. Fujifilm X100S camera has lack of GPS system while you can still add using Apple iPhone, Garmin EDGE 500 GPS and iPad.

Methods of iPhone to Add GPS Data to Camera Photos

Sorrel has showed the way of logging GPS data such a way that will not reduce your battery life by using some GeoTagr app and other tools in the Fujifilm X100S for geo-tagging.

GeoTagr is one of the best apps for the modern cameras that can turn your dumb camera into modern within some minutes. The process of using the pictures in your library connecting to GPS data will always not damage your battery life as well as give easier and cheaper connectivity.

Methods of iPhone to Add GPS Data to Camera Photos 2

Sorrel will always give you the best techniques and features that you can easily take pictures, tagging and adding to the GPS system using a simple introduction using the app.

Methods of iPhone to Add GPS Data to Camera Photos 1

To add GPS data to camera photos have become very easier and comfortable connects in Fujifilm X100S by using the Apple iPhone device traditionally.

If you want to add the pictures using the GPS system, you must have the iPhone apps gallery and iPad apps Gallery in order to get more free apps that can be used for good GPS purpose.