In today’s digital world where people are increasingly relying on their mobile devices, power bank has become a necessity, especially when you are on the go. You need to do a thousand things – make & take calls; send and check messages & emails; check your location/route; book a movie ticket or a restaurant; browse for something you want to buy, listen to some music or watch an interesting video. Your battery will give out along the way and in such a case, a power bank will come to your rescue.

A power bank is an external battery which you can charge up and carry around with you in your pocket, purse, briefcase or backpack and use it to charge your mobile device whenever its battery gets low. Now, there are several power packs available out there but ET-Stone is eco-friendly as it uses green energy and apart from acting as a traditional power bank, it also has other useful functionalities.

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ET-Stone charges your mobile devices outdoors and also serves as an efficient a lamp and a torch. Folks at Elixier Tech who have made the device, claim it to be the “World’s smartest solar power bank” and have started a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

Check out this video that will give you an idea about the new ET-Stone Power Bank:

Now let’s see some of the highlights of ET-Stone:

Faster Solar Charging

ET-Stone comes with a high battery capacity of 3100mAh, which matches that of many high-end flagship smartphones and it also charges faster than most solar portable chargers currently available in the market. While the 2000mAh battery of such chargers takes about 4-5 days to get charged completely, the 3100mAh battery of ET-Stone gets completely charged in only 14 hours!

This has been made possible due to the super quality Solar panel used in the device which has highly efficient Sun Power Cells (2.75V/550mA). This is what makes ET-Stone much superior to other solar powered portable chargers available.

The device has a built-in Voltage Boosting Technology that helps to make optimum use of solar energy to maintain the required voltage levels for charging the solar panel even under low lighting conditions. The solar panel will effectively keep the battery levels to the maximum at all times of the day in any kind of weather. Protection circuits in the device protect it from excessive sun as well as current spikes.

Smarter Normal Charging

If by any chance solar energy is not available, the ET-Stone can also be charged directly through a plug. The input port accepts both AC and DC voltages. It can be charged directly through a plug or by connecting it to a DC source such as the USB port of a PC or laptop. The chipset in it can automatically detect the i/p current of the adapter and also sense the o/p charging current to the smartphone.

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Overcharging of the battery is a major cause for reduced battery life. This can happen if it continues to be charged beyond its maximum capacity and for a longer time. To overcome this problem, the Elixir Tech team has used a sensing technology inside the device that will continuously monitor its charging level and once the maximum charging capacity limit is reached, it will automatically stop the charging process. This avoids overcharging and subsequent heating of the battery, resulting in a longer battery life.

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Dual Charging

Dual charging is a unique feature of ET-Stone battery Bank. If both your smartphone as well as ET-Stone batteries are running low but you only have a single adapter or laptop/PC connection, you don’t have to choose between them. When you connect the adapter to ET-Stone and the USB cable from ET-Stone to your smartphone, the phone will charge first and after it is sufficiently charged, the charging will automatically shift to the power bank.

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Lamp & Torch Features

This is another unique feature of the ET-Stone. Apart from being a conventional battery charger, it also acts as an LED lamp and a torch. The lamp consists of two powerful LEDs located at the front of the device while the torch is a single high-intensity LED located at the bottom. The use of anti-glare lenses ensures enhanced and wide-angle dispersion of light.

Another useful feature is that three intensity levels of light are available for the lamp and users can select any one option as per their needs:

1)  1st intensity gives 14 hours of light

2)  2nd intensity gives 22 hours of light and

3)  3rd intensity gives 35 hours of light

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The torch provides only a single intensity light.

The ET-Stone lamp has another useful built-in feature- the SOS light. It can be activated by long-pressing the lamp button for 2 seconds and is very helpful in emergency situations. For example, if your car breaks down at night at any remote spot or when you go camping or hiking and are in need of help, you can send out an SOS signal with the lamp.

Ergonomic Design

The ET-Stone power bank has been designed after giving a lot of thought and as its name suggests, it has a combination of strength, rigidity and smoothness, which are the inherent properties of stone. A patented revolutionary  kickstand is attached to its frame, which allows you to rotate the device a full 360 degrees and position it according to the sun’s angle. The kickstand also offers rigidity and added protection to the device and can also be used to hang the device.

An added advantage are its ¼” 20 UNC brass thread inserts which allow users attach it to a car mount, a tripod or a gorilla kickstand. ET-Stone can also fit snugly in your pocket and be carried about easily.

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Apart from being useful in day-to-day life, the ET-Stone can also be a useful in travelling, hiking or camping in remote places or even in remote rural areas where no charging plugs or lights are available. It will also be useful during natural calamities like earthquakes or floods when there is a power problem.

What do you think of the new ET-Stone solar power bank? To know more about it, to buy one for yourself or to lend a helping hand, you can head over to Indiegogo.

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