Apple is at it again on bringing innovations to life. This time, they have made a step into the medical world by receiving certification for the iWatch as a medical device by the US Food and Drug Administration. This has however been causing the delay on the iWatch production.

We cannot however put this into clarification but this has been the rumor around works going on from Apple. This would need the device to be at a constant interaction with the owner. Constant readings could be achieved through incorporation of sensors into the device to continuously take readings on the heart rate, blood pressure and body sugar levels.

Think of the possibilities this device could come with. Individuals will be at a constant reminder on living healthy and get notifications when certain levels are out of hand. A new application; HealthKit, expected to be integrated into IOS 8 will have huge dependability with the device to maximize on each others capabilities on health management.

Other partnerships are also expected to maximize on fitness integration into the device. This will have a huge impact on the cost too as it will need polling data from different high-end sensors to give an accurate reading. Release dates of the gadget have however not been announced but rumor has that we keep our eyes open for October with a price tag of $300. The final design is also not known though different concepts are already being shown online on what to expect from the innovation giants.