MediaTek was known to manufacture components and drawing up designs for consumer electronic goods such as CD-ROM devices, DVD players and TVs before there were smartphones. As the smartphone market grows over the year, the company is known for manufacturing cheap 2G and 3G Chinese handsets. Now, the company is looking for a way to enter U.S. and Western Europe smartphone markets. However, it has Qualcomm as the main competitor which is not easy to defeat.

It seems like MediaTek is able to reduce the phone-design and the mass production cycle from one and a half years to only six months, which makes a lot of people happy. As a result, the company ranks 788 n this year’s Global 2000 list compared to 1029 about a year ago. Qualcomm on the other hand, ranks 158.  Top smartphone makers apparently still prefer to use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon SoC line in their flagship smartphones. Not to mention, Apple who likes to use their own product as much as possible is using Qualcomm’s modems in their iPhone. Samsung on the other hand, has started its own reference design program which is similar to MediaTek.

According to Forbes, the only way for MediaTek to enter US market is by sticking to Chinese smartphone manufacturers such as Xiaomi, Lenovo and Coolpad to use the company’s chip as these companies are set to enter the US market. Major carriers such as Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile are reported to be testing on MediaTek 4G chips on their LTE network. Therefore, it should not take long before MediaTek able to enter the US market.