MediaTek announced the latest chip MT2601 Soc for Google’s Android Wear software. The new chip will have 41.5% fewer components and lower current consumption in its small size when compared with other chipsets in the market. This will lead to a few advantages like lower bill of materials (BoM) costs, smaller printed circuit board (PCB) size as well as longer battery life. Moreover, with this entire high quality feature, it will make a longer usage time and more affordable price of wearable device.

MT2601 will include 1.2GHz dual core ARM Cortex-A7, ARM Mali-400 MP GPU. It also supports qHD display resolution. On top of that, the chipset also interfaces with external sensors and wireless connectivity SoC MT6630 for Bluetooth. All of these is fitted to a PCBA footprint of less than 480 mm2 which is the size suitable for the design requirement of a wearable device in sports and fitness, location tracking and other categories.

MediaTek noted that this chipset will developed for Android Wear and will continue to change according to the Android Wear requirement. MT2601 is in mass production now.

“The MT2601 has an incredibly small die size and is highly optimized for cost and power performance. The platform solution, comprised of MT2601 integrated with Android Wear software, will fuel the maker revolution and empower the application developer community worldwide to create a broad range of innovative applications and services,” said JC Hsu, GM of New Business Development at MediaTek.