MediaTek announced two new ranges of processors which will be used in high-end smartphones, Helio X and Helio P SoC. Hopefully with these two new chipsets, they will bring the gap closer between MediaTek and other chipset market leader such as Qualcomm or even Samsung.

There is not much information released for Helio P, however, for Helio X or specifically Helio X10, it is a 64-bit chipset with eight Cortex-A53 cores clocked at 2.2GHz. On top of that Helio X10 can support refresh rate up to 120Hz and slow-motion video recording up to 480fps in undisclosed resolution. This is considered better compared to the devices which are also supporting slow motion feature such as iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus which can record videos at only 240fps.

As for Helio P, eventhough there is not much information released currently, it is described to fall into the premium performance chipset category. The similarities between Helio X and Helio P is that both chipsets offer high-performance and low power consumption.  The first smartphone which will be powered by Helio chipset are expected to launch in Q2 2015.

MediaTek is a fabless semiconductor company which is based in Hsinchu, Taiwan. Some of their products are mostly SoC chipsets which are used in wireless communication, HDTV, DVD and Blu-ray.