Jins, a good Japanese technology firm has come with the Meme glasses in order to give you an amazing alertness to you that is connected with Smartphone. The Memes are looked like normal glasses but some with metallic electrooculography sensors, the bars and nose pads to a user.

The sensors will be monitoring your eye movement and give you a report to your Smartphone mobile app accurately. With the cornea and retina voltage differences, it can give you accurate information of alertness and other health related information to your Smartphone Display. Jins Meme glasses will always give you a report on your Smarpthone with eye alertness regarding you is tired or going well to drive!

Measure Alertness, Basis Fitness Info with Jins Meme glasses 1

The 3-axis gyro and accelerometer will give you some basic fitness monitoring reports like walking steps and fatigue burning information. The glasses designed such a way that will maintain your style as well as give you accurate information. Moreover, you won’t be tired or fed up bearing the glass because it is only 36 gram like normal glasses.

The Meme glasses will give you proper information via Windows, Mac as well as Smartphone app. The glasses are able to track gaze direction and connect with the Bluetooth your Smartphone in order to transferring and showing the data on the Smartphone menu.

Jins Meme Glasses are likely to launce in the spring of 2015 in the Japan market and soon will be available in other parts of the world.