In this Internet of Things era, it will benefit a lot of people, from the typical average of Joe to big corporate. It is the era whereby all the things are connected with billions of devices storing and exchanging data and thus the information is traveled faster than in olden days. However, there is always a concern about the security of these device, not only from hackers but from government surveillance.

The three big technology companies, Apple, Microsoft and Google claims to take the privacy seriously. Apple, for example, implements a two way verification and/or TouchID on their Apple Pay service to protect your personal data from third party peeping tools. Google, on the other hand, has probably the largest archive of digital data. It is so huge so that the device user does not need to type for Google to know where you are, where have you been and most probably what are you thinking right now, but, definitely, with your permission. Microsoft has missed the mobile trend, however, the technology company definitely wants to be part of Internet of Things trend.

With all these information available, the intelligence agencies are using them to harvest information about the person of interest back in 2012. Edward Snowden leaked documents showing that team at Fort Meade, actually has access to all our information through services from the big technology companies.

This also does not mean that no one is trying to put some ground rules. Mike Capuano from Democrat party has introduced two bills to prevent excessive data collection in modern DVRs and automobiles: the We Are Watching You Act and Black Box Privacy Protection Act. Both is not confirmed to be passed as of now.