There are a lot of photo editing apps which you can download from Apps Store. One of the apps which stand out is “Matter”. Matter the latest app from the company who has been featured by Apple a few times before, Pixite Creative Suite. By using these apps, you can edit your photo to be more surreal by adding unique 3D objects. You can choose from 4 packs of models ranging from simple geometric shapes to complex, architectural structures.

Once you did this, you can also make your edited photo to be more realistic by adding and making adjustment to the model’s shadow, fine tuning the shadow’s position, opacity and strength to make it more realistic. You can also use the built-in masking tools to erase portions of your model or shade the object to seamlessly blend into your photo’s environment.

With using these apps, you also can create a unique video which features short animated loops of spinning, pulsing or even hovering 3D objects in your photo. On top of that, the rotation speed and direction can be adjusted as per your preference. After you satisfy with your creation, you can share it to other social media, for example, Instagram.

If all of this is not enough, Matter is polished with an interface with unique color and design schemes that looks like it is the perfect fit in iOS. Unfortunately this feature is available for Apple as of now. The apps is pricing at $1.99. It is not free but its worth it.

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