There has been a lot of talk about electrical skateboards and many companies have presented their products in the market. But unlike others, the Marbel electrical skateboard is designed with such features that people who haven’t skateboarded in the past will find it interesting.

The Marbel: Smart Skateboard With 20MPH Speed

The Marbel electrical skateboard can be controlled with a Smartphone through an app. The makers of the board claim that it is the lightest skateboard ever created with weight of only 9.9 pounds. It is made from Kevlar and carbon fiber which are light yet reliable.

The Marbel skateboard runs up to 10 miles with only single charge and in just 90 minutes its battery fills up from empty to full. The skateboard has enough power to climb steep hills so you hardly have to use your foot for crossing terrains.


The Marbel can travel pretty fast with reaching up to 20MPH speed. With this speed, you can travel with the speed of a bicycle but you don’t have to even break a sweat. Just take proper safety precautions and wear helmet and pads if you want to travel with top speed.

The skateboard can be controlled with a wireless handheld device. The device gives you the options to accelerate and use brakes. The device can be tuned with an app that lets you select the maximum speed, acceleration and choose the riding mode. The app gives you complete control over the performance of your skateboard.

The app can tell you how far you can go with your skateboard with the remaining battery charge. However, if you run out of battery you always have the option of manually riding the skateboard.

The Marbel: Smart Skateboard With 20MPH Speed

The skateboard currently costs $1200 (or $2000 with custom colors) at Kickstarter campaign which has reached its goal already. The skateboard will start shipping from October this year.