If you are not familiar with Jolla, it is an independent designer and developer of various mobile devices. They also developed the open Sailfish operating system. Jolla is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland.

Recently Jolla rolled out its latest upgrade to the Sailfish OS for the Jolla smartphone called Saapunki. This upgrade combines version 6 and 7 to bring many improvements to the Sailfish OS.

Many New Features Come Added To Saapunki - 1 -- Doi Toshin

Here are some of the things that were included in the Saapunki upgrade:

  • Support for 4G network
  • Facebook notifications in events view, you can also like and comment posts
  • Folder support in app launcher
  • Google account synchronization
  • Browser tabs now remember last position

Other features include:

  • HTML5 supported Web Browser
  • Lockscreen Personalization
  • Quick access to SailfishOS updates in System Settings
  • Support for more bluetooth profiles
  • Support for Chinese Handwriting Recognition
  • Quick scrolling feature
  • Support for SIM and network-specific add-on services

You can visit their website to see the complete list of changes in this upgrade and details about the features included in the upgrade. There are plenty of things on the list.

First recipients of the upgrade were First One cover owners. Other people are expected to get the upgrade soon if they don’t have it already.

This upgrade has appeared a month after upgrade 5 came out. A week before this upgrade was released, Jolla announced that it will be cutting €50 from the retail price of the Jolla. They are already preparing to release upgrade 8 in July which means that plenty of stuff is still yet to come.