Magellan's Echo Smart Sport Watch – All What You Need To Know!Great applications for wearables are found in the field of health and fitness. This is not the first time. Enthusiasts and athletes do like to keep record of their fitness and their physical performance which is different from the common specification viewing audience.

It does not matter if a person is an outdoorsman, active runner or he is preparing to live a healthy life; smart wearable is the best tool to motivate a person who is looking to achieve his goals.

At CES 2015, Echo Smart Sports Watch got introduced by Magellan at a price of $129 only; in a simple form factor, the watch offers a great bit of functions. Magellan’s Echo Fit app and some other applications developed by its partners help the users to keep data of their fitness. Other than that, the watch is able to monitor sleep patterns of the user; also it can receive notifications and share the progress of its user with his friends.

The Echo consists of a common coin battery which can run up to 6 months. The watch is capable of running with both Android and iOS devices and it comes in many different colors and costs $129 only, a competition that can’t be beaten easily.

Magellan Echo Smart Sports Watch can be bought directly from Magellan; it is also available for purchase from Best Buy, RadioShack and Amazon.

The watch is capable to keep records of the footsteps and the distance covered by the user. Also, it calculates the total amount of calories burned.