mac os x

The next version of the Mac OS has already been announced at the Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference. This version is named Mac OS X Yosemite (Version 10.9), which is advancement to the latest version in use, Mac OS Mavericks (Version 10.10).


The unveiling of the Yosemite

As its predecessor, this version has its name picked from a landmark from California. Major advancements are expected from this upgrade as was seen from the conference with focus on display and graphics. Windows will now have translucent menus with the dock having a major twist on icons which have been redesigned to appear as those on the iPhone. Users can now set up a new widget bar in place for easy access of regularly accessed utilities.

The greatest new feature has been on integrating the features of the Mac OS with the IOS. Users will now be able to make receive phone calls straight from their computers. Open documents and other applications will also have an option of being viewed from the computer thus increasing the level of accessibility within Apple’s devices.

Last but not least, the search utility in Mac OS systems known as spotlight has been given a further upgrade. It will now be found on all running applications. This utility quickly does an indexing of all filed available and goes further by searching through the Internet so long as connectivity is available.

This operating system will however be released in the fall of 2014. Specific dates have however not been officially given. A beta version will however be rolled out prior to the full version.