As a common man most of us may not be aware about Lumus. But if you ask a F16 pilot, he/she must be surely familiar with this company. Well, Lumus is a company which makes heads up display that is attached to flight helmet and now the company is planning to bring this same technology to the Android powered Smart Glasses.





Lumus had earlier shown its augmented reality display technology where the display would fit into standard lens and so into standard glasses. This technology would create a 720p display with HD image clarity in front of user’s face and after wearing it, users could watch movies, interact with mobile devices through a floating air interface, play games and many other things.

lumus LumusNav

Recently, Lumus has developed a new system that sports an Android computer in the camera. It can display the map data on the ground in front and can even handle gestures. But Lumus plans to jump into the consumer market seems to be far as the company is currently focusing on its two products Lumus DK-32 and Lumus DK-40 which are still under creation.

Lumus basically aims to let other manufacturers make use of its Optical Engine Module (OEM) technology. OEM is a device similar to a computer display unit. Manufacturers require frames, computer and power source to convert OEM in smart glasses. With this device, users can view 720p videos wherein the OEM consists of two parts Lumus Light-guide Optical Element (LOE) and the Micro-Display Pod. Here is an image showing the LOE technology.


Meta is one of the manufacturers that use Lumus OEM and has developed its own Meta Pro, an entry level augmented reality glasses. This comes at a whopping price of $3650. Lumus clarified that is has as such no deadlines about when this technology will be parked in the consumer market. Get further details from the source below.