Just when we saw the Snapdragon based Oppo R1S to be passing through Tenna, another news from Chinese website Weibo show that on coming Friday, April 25 ,the updated version of Oppo R1 will be ready to be launched in China. With 4G LTE connectivity (loaded  with support for Chinese and global frequencies) feature, this dubbed Oppo R1S will highlight some internal updates as well.

LTE enabled Oppo R1S

The Oppo R1S will supposedly trade its place with the 3G-only MediaTek SoC for an LTE-featured Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 chipset (which has 1.6GHz quad-core CPU). As already we are aware of its onboard RAM 2GB, the camera-unit of this new recruit in army is also updated to 13MP. Speaking of the 3G-capable Oppo R1, it is loaded on board with a gig of RAM and an 8MP solid-shooter.

Where people has still focused is the pricing of the Oppo R1S, which is still to be announced. The gadget will reportedly be packed with a free mobile –wireless speaker and an external battery having 4000mAh.