It seems like smartwatches are trending nowadays. With big players like Google, Samsung and Apple are competing with each other to define what a smartwatch is and how it supposed to work or look. However, if you are not into this kind of things and you just want a simple smartwatch, you might want to consider German company Longshine’s smartwatch.

Longshine has come out with its own smartwatch, named Halo. The company tries to combine the best of both analog and digital which is unique in a way. Halo is analog because it has an analog watchface which emulate an analog clock. It is digital because it has an OLED touchscreen display as the glass which cover the analog watch face.

In normal operation, it will look like any regular analog smartwatch. However, when you press the button, there are icons appeared on the screen. The icons allows you to access to notifications, messages, calls and other functionalities as per expected from a smartwatch.

Halo smartwatch operates full in Android and the devices are tethered over Bluetooth to smartphone. Halo comes in two platforms, Halo 1 and Halo 2. Both have 96 x 96 pixels with 256 colors per pixel. However, Halo 2 has a 2G modem which allows the user to make voice calls independently.

Both devices are running on ARM-based Intel XMM 2231 chipset with 300MHz processor. On top of that, both smartwatches comes with 512MB RAM and 4G of internal storage. Halo 1 has 240mAh battery while Halo 2 has 350mAh battery with 2G antennas and a SIM card slot integrated to the strap.