Just few days ago, LG G3 has reported that the Smartphone will get the latest android 5.0 Lollipop update at the end of the year. Now, Samsung has also join the group of providing update of Lollipop in Samsung Galaxy S5 by December.

According to the rumor, Samsung is interested to launch the new update before LG’s latest Smartphone G3. That shows LG’s new rival will be South Korean country for the new approach in the field of upgraded operating system in December.

Lollipop in Samsung Galaxy S5 by December

The development of the new operating system has not final touchup and report from Google yet. Moreover, the Lollipop variant will going to be launched soon and LG G3 and Samsung Galaxy S5 will be available for the update to the worldwide smart phones. This new update of the new software is the fastest outcome than any other past flagships of Android version.

The newly research on the lollipop in Samsung Galaxy S5 for test has started and Samsung agreed to work on this new version of operating system. However, there is no timeline from the mobile brand yet to announce. Therefore, the timeline by December can be rumored but we can only wait for the official announcement right now.