Well, it seems that the Windows Phone OS is getting its much due popularity and is slowly and gradually penetrating the smartphone markets. Korean giant LG seems to be a part of this growth as the recent leak shows that the company would be planning to launch its first handset based on the recently launched Windows Phone 8.1.

Earlier, the computing giant Microsoft had said that LG would be their new partner this year for the Windows Phone 8 devices. However, LG calms down the rumor by saying that the company will come up with a new handset running the Windows Phone OS in immediate future.

At the moment it seems that LG must have geared up its plans for its first Windows Phone handset and the leaking giant @evleaks has posted an image showing the LG’s Windows Phone 8.1 handset. However, the tweet shows it like “LG Uni8 (no sushi), 2014,” which shows that the device may be announced anytime in this year ahead.

What can be made out at the moment from the images is that the LG Uni8 will come up with on-screen navigational keys along with a new virtual shutter button instead of the physical ones on the sides. The images show the handset to be a garden variety rectangular handset, and even seems to be slim. Looking at the Live Tiles column number the screen could be at least as large as the Lumia 630 that shows some on-screen buttons. We would eagerly wait for LG to declare its first Windows Phone.