For the next LG’s flagship smartphone for next year, the Korean technology company is reported to be working on security technology which uses your iris to decide whether you are an authorized person or not. To achieve this, LG has been working with the Korean-based biometrics firm Irience for the integration with the smartphone which goes by the name of G5. If everything goes as per scheduled, the G5 will be released in the first half of 2016.

It is reported that Irience had completed the hardware module which is going to be embedded into G5 and now is polishing the algorithms to increase the recognition range from 12in(30cm) to 20in(50cm).

Iris scanning is no doubt the most secure way for authorization nowadays compared to the fingerprint scanning. The only challenge now is to make it work as effortlessly as possible with the Apple’s or Samsung’s technology under whatever tricky environments. For example, it should be able to recognize the iris in the shortest possible time to authorize a payment in the busy market.

LG has always been coming out with different smartphone design and functionality with the others smartphone manufacturers. Apparently, LG is not the only company which is experimenting with the iris scanning security technology, other manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung also reported to have been working on this technology to make it consumer ready.