The competition between the two Korean tech juggernauts – LG and Samsung has always been the talk of the town. With almost similar line of products in the premium flagship segment, both the companies having been giving an edge-to-edge competition to its rival. Moreover, a similar kind of competition has also been observed in the tech wearable segment apart from just smartphones.

The recent rumor from the industry shows that the two giants might generate rivalry in one more niche with a similar kind of input accessories. Recent reports from the industry show that LG has filed up a trademark application for a “G Pen” which might be seen with its upcoming phablet. Well, the company at the moment hold some of its stylus operated handsets the recent one being the LG G3 Stylus however when compared to the functionality level with the Galaxy Note series they seemed to fall behind the race. Now it seems that the company is working upon to bring a more feature-inclusive and efficient stylus to its further phablets in the near future.

In addition to this, there is also a news that the LG has filed a trademark for “G Scrawl”, similar to the Smart Select software which could be used along with the G Pen. This means that the “G Pen” feature could be very much in place.


source: Phandroid