Last week at the Google I/O 2014 event, the search giant made a big announcement bringing new tech Android Auto into action that brings an whole together new driving experience. Many big automotive and tech giants have joined hands to support this feature thereby creating an Open Automotive Alliance for the same. Korean tech giant LG has also been a part of this and has officially announced its support for the hardware of the tech. this means that by 2015, we could see a wide range of products ranging from car audio systems to navigation units. Android Auto cars are expected to hit the markets next year 2015 and just few days back we saw automotive giant Volvo making announcement of its Android Auto based car that is to arrive in October.

Lets see how things shape out ahead as every one of us would surely be excited to see this tech being brought to cars very soon. Other car manufacturers like Audi and many more has also openly declared their support for the tech.