LG bought over WebOS from Hewlett-Packard recently. The company is said wanted to resurrect the WebOS platform to not only power up its smart TV but also other devices. Asked about why LG opted to invest in WebOS instead of Google’s Android, the company said they will use Android with webOS as LG believes that webOS is more impressive in terms of user experiences.

LG has also launched smart watch, G Watch R recently. It runs on Android Wear, just like the first smart watch. The addition of WebOS to LG’s Smartwatch hints two things. One, Android Wear does not taken off as we all expected. Two, Smartwatches as a category has not taken off. Therefore, there are alot of improvement for the innovation.

The downside is that Android Wear can only works with Android devices.  It means that it is platform dependent. However, it is not clear yet on how it will be implemented. We expected that there are three approaches. The first approach is like Apple’s Watch. The second approach is like Samsung. Samsung released its Tizen based watches that work only with its own Galaxy devices. Thirdly, it will be like Pebble which is platform independent functions and dependent on open standards.  We do hope that LG will choose the third approach.

The platform comes with its own SDK. LG hopes that it will attract developers to make apps for the platform. From the web, it indicates that it will be launched real soon. We are excited to know how the end results of combination of both webOS and smartwatch in terms of hardware and software.