LG G4 Expected to launch in Q2 with New Design and Better Features

Immediately after the event, an executive of LG stated that there flagship G4 will not be released at MWC due to the reason that company wants to spend additional time with the new handset to make it perfect. Company’s conference call with its sponsors through the quarterly earnings report revealed new information regarding the new flagship.

LG Mobile is at the moment scheduling to compose a big product statement in Q2, which will probably be G4, like last year its G3 was announced at the end of May in a dedicated event.

The LG executive persisted that with the G4, “design will continue to differentiate in terms of strategy,” which left people in doubt that if he means another new placement of the physical keys, or an absolute change in housing resources, for example, that the S6 is commonly whispered to be metal-clad.

Additionally, the sources revealed that the new camera of the G4 will consist of strong visual experience which makes it possible that 20 MP “advanced OIS” technology will be used by LG, which was exhibited by the company lately.

The other specifications can be supposed that the handset might have a Quad HD display, and possibly will have the same size as of G3 which is 5.5 inches, and the processor could be Snapdragon 810.

Specifications are very good indeed, but the design is however a big secret. It is possible that the plastic design of the flagship handset could be completely gone and something else might take its place.