How LG G3 Will Look For US Carriers

The Android Phone LG G3 by LG Electronics has gained positive reviews since the time of its launch. Being the successor of G2 which was launched back in 2013, it contains many similar features along with better design.

It is reported that Sprint and T-Mobile have announced that they are on their way for launching LG G3 which we can expect to arrive in next few weeks. However, Verizon and AT&T have not released any information yet regarding the arrival of the Phone. Although we don’t know about the release date of these two carriers, we clearly know how LG G3 will look on all these carriers.

LG G3 Will Look For US Carriers

You might think the LG G3 variant will look same for all the carries but that is not the case with Verizon. While the rest of the variants are in same color with plain grayish look, Verizon comes with a fine black cover that makes it shine out among the four. So if you want LG G3 and you are on Verizon then you will be fine with a good looking phone but you might not be fine with the logos.

Verizon has put their logos on the phone in front and back. While Verizon has gone with all logos, Sprint variant doesn’t have any Sprint logo on it. You will find the Sprint apps in the phone but the lack of Sprint’s logo displays the carrier’s choice of not doing extensive marketing for them. AT&T and T-Mobile variants also come with their logos.

Since the launch of T-Mobile and Sprint variants is expected to be in coming weeks, we can assume that Verizon and AT&T variants will be launched soon after them.