The curtains have finally been opened and the much awaited much talked after device has finally been officially unveiled by the company. Yes, we are talking about the LG G3 which the company proudly flaunts saying “Simple is the new smart”. The most premium flagship from the Korean maker is finally out and without wasting any further time, let’s get into the precise and concise details of what the device has to offer.

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Last year itself LG had showcased its might in designing its previous flagship LG G2. This time too, LG repeats the same thing as the new LG G3 comes with an excellent 76.4% screen-to-body ratio. Even though with such a large screen of 5.5 inch, LG G3 comes with a super compact body. The device measure just 8.9mm in thickness and weighs 149 grams only.

The newly launched LG G3 offers quite a stylish and polished look with a metallic body and matte plastic design. The bottom of the phone has gone with an even more curved shape while the back has come with some prominent changes like the rear buttons having a less pronounced look and even more tactile-friendly mesh texture finish.

The handset is likely to come in various color options like Moon Violet, Metallic Black, Silk White, Burgundy Red and Shine Gold.


Display and Hardware

The LG G3 comes with a 5.5 inch display and offers a QHD pixel resolution of 1440×2560 pixels which is believed to be one of the sharpest display on a handset till date. The IPS panels offers unmatched clarity by pouring in nearly 538ppi density.


The QHD display has certainly turned out to be the talk-of-the-town. However, when compared to other flagships, it might happen that the difference is not quite apparent reason being such a fine detail couldn’t be easily distinguished by a naked eye. In addition to the display, other things that add spice to the device is its powerfully machined quad-core Snapdragon 801 SoC chipset clocked at much higher 2.5GHz. This will give users a seamless experience specifically while playing high graphic games.

In order to support all these, LG has ensured to pump up its battery with sufficient juice and thus comes with a 3000mAh of battery capacity ensuring that you have a pretty longer cozy time with your LG G3. The battery cells have been made of graphite instead of metal thereby introducing further optimizations. In addition, the device comes with trendy new looking QuickCircle cases for faster and easy accessibility to functions.

Unmatched Camera with OIS+

The LG G3 hosts a 13MP camera with Optical-Image-Stabilization and hosts a laser-beam guided auto focus which does the job of initially measuring the distance between the captured object and the lens thereby giving out better focused shots with excellent output. The camera also gives some pretty good results in low-light conditions.


Some more enhancements have also been introduced to the camera. The camera software could instantly snap an image on tapping to focus. Moreover, the front also hosts a powerful 2.1MP camera and serve to be a good option to those who need video calling or are much fond of selfies. Moreover, during video recording, the microphone initially analyzes the surrounding thereby picking up the optimum audio level with more clear output sound results.

Flatter UI

With most of the handset manufacturers offering a flatter UI design in its premium flagships, LG G3 follows the same path mostly. The LG G3 comes with redesigned interface with flatter and cleaner looks.


The latest Android 4.4.2 KitKat offering comes with plenty of new features with a interesting feature known as Smart Notice, a personal assistant for the user reminding him/her of previous miss calls, or suggest a raincoat or umbrella by predicting a rainy day based on the weather.

The device comes with improved Smart KeyBoard and the company’s Smart Security lockscreen protection the Knocjk Code.

It also has a feature named Kill Switch, which serves as an anti-theft mechanism for the device.

Promo Video, Price and Release Date

Take a look at the first promo video released by the company.

LG has today been quite shy in announcing the price on the device in the international market. However, the device is all set to go on a global release from tomorrow i.e. May 28 in South Korea and will spread its presence in nearly 170 countries across globe.

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