The LG Best Mall  has leaped the gun on the LG G3 Prime announcement, or rather LG G3 Cat.6 courtesy to the promo image. The device will sport the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset and already received its Bluetooth certification less than two weeks ago.

The LG G3 Cat.6 comes as an answer to the Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE-A, released last month. Competition is what drives innovation forward in the mobile technology space, so it’s nice to see Samsung and LG constantly trying to better each other.

The device has been in the rumor mill since mid-June but this is the first snapshot we’ve seen of it. For the record, the only minor differences between the standard LG G3 and this LG G3 Cat.6 flagship is the latter swaps the former’s Snapdragon 801 chipset for an Snapdragon 805 and raises the LTE speeds to a massive 300 Mbps.

The LG G3 Cat.6 looks identical to its Snapdragon 801 twin, the promo image emphasizes the new connectivity speed and nothing more. Still, this concludes of having a 5.5″ QHD screen, 13MP camera with OIS and razor-thin bezels.

Currently LG Best Mall is accepting registrations for the updated flagship and there’s neither price tag nor launch date declared. Keep in mind there are two more LG G3 variants in the rumor stack -the LG G3 Beat, a smaller version of the LG G3, and also the LG G3 mini, a fair smaller version.