LG has already announced its LG G Watch in the middle of March and has special website for it. LG G Watch is one of the first to use Google’s Android Wear for its smartwatches. Android Wear is a slightly different Android version developed specifically for wearables. The LG G Watch is expected to be released soon in the near future.

Meanwhile, @upleaks has leaked system dump of the LG G Watch on its Twitter account. It shows several interesting details about the smartwatch. The leaks include a video of the boot animation for the LG G Watch and several watch faces that will be available for the G Watch. These are colorful watch faces in various designs and colors. The user can choose whichever display he fancies. There is a choice available from digital, analogue, black & white or in color. In each category there will be available different varieties that one can select.

Have a look at the leaked colorful LG G Watch watch faces:

G Watch-1        G Watch-3

G Watch-5        G Watch-6

G Watch-2        G Watch-7

G Watch-8        G Watch-9

                                                     G Watch-4

This is the LG G Watch boot animation video:

There is another rumor regarding LG G Watch. Another variant of the G Watch has been spotted on the website of the Korean Carrier LH U Plus. It is the LG–W120L as can be seen in the pic below:

                                           G Watch-10

LG G Watch model number LG-W100 has already appeared at the FCC. So the LG-W120L must be another variant of the LG G Watch.  LG-W100 needs a smartphone for calling or taking calls. The LG-W120L model is expected to have cellular connectivity.

Stay tuned for more!