Based on the reports of LG France, the forthcoming Android Wear based LG G Watch will be priced at €199 ($276) in Europe, in upcoming June. This can simply imply that LG will go for selling the device for $199 when it will be welcomed in the U.S.


The straightforward reason is, makers want to keep the pricing figure even across regions. Lately, the LG G Watch was disclosed to be coming in Stealth Black and Champagne Gold colors, as an extra texture with features like water-resistance and 4GB of internal storage multiplexed with it. It is promising that the manufacturer will showcase the G Watch in the market when the LG G3 will come to surface in June.

Although the G Watch is a very competent smart-watch, people are keeping an equal point of view for the Moto 360 for its rounded and unique design. Somehow, if we go by earlier reports, unlike the LG, the Motorola smart-watch might not be available on a worldwide scale.